Microluxe20 is a tabletop role-playing game designed to be simple, yet powerful.

Playing a game shouldn't feel like work. The easy-to-read rules of Microluxe20 help players spend more time
playing and adventuring, and less time micromanaging a heavy ruleset.

Built from Strong Roots

Microluxe20 is heavily based off of Microlite20 and the SRD (3.5), and is designed with compatibility in mind.
Players and GM's alike should have little to no trouble using Microluxe20 with content designed for other SRD-based systems.

Get Involved

Microluxe20 is a constantly evolving project. Interested in balancing or changing the game's mechanics? Want to make your homebrew rules more official? Check out the project on github and join in! You don't have to be tech savvy to help out! Feel free to submit feature requests and other changes through the project's issues board (here).

For the technical crowd, this project uses a gulp task to create the rulebook pdf's from markdown. This way, the rulebook can be version controlled, and then bundled up into a PDF when its ready to be released. More information on contributing to the project can be found in the project's official README file.

Join the Community